Thursday, May 3, 2018

Rotation beginning May 3

6th - Farewell Ceremony Music
5th - Bucket drumming composition & in class drum battles
4th - Bucket Drumming Drum Battles
3rd - Instrument Timbre Preference Test
2nd - Rocky Mountain & Boomsticks, Do-Pentatonic
1st - Bucket Drumming
K - Graduation Music

Band concert is May 3rd. Students should report at 6:15pm. Concert Begins at 7:00pm in the High School auditorium.

May 14th is the final day of lessons. Students with school owned instruments need to see me to make arrangements to have their instrument during the summer.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Rotation beginning on 3/16

4-6 Bucket Drumming
3rd - Recorder Quizzes
2nd -  Ostinatos using Orff instruments and bells,  Reviewing Obwisana and game to go with it
1st -  Sneaky Snake Rhythm, Orff Percussion accompaniments, Les Saluts circle dance
K - Beat Assessment,  "Irish Stew" folk dance, Let Us Chase the Squirrel, Handbell playing technique

Masterclass lessons continue until Day 6. Day 6 begins regular lessons again.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


4-6 Bucket Drumming
3 - Recorder - Reviewing Side Step and Au Claire. Learning Hot Cross Buns. Next class all students will have a playing quiz on Hot Cross Buns/Au Claire.
2 -  Pease Porridge with Ostinato, Cobbler Cobbler, My Pony Macaroni, Reviewing melody patterns using Sol, La, Mi, and Do
1 - Bernie Bee, High and Low,  We are Dancing, Les Saluts Folk dance
K - High Low, Bee Bee Game,  Tideo, Let Us Chase the Squirrel Orff Comp.

Band is following Master class Schedule.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

rotation beginning 2/28

4-6th - Bucket drumming
3rd - Recorder - Continue B,A, G - Reviewing hand position, breathing techniques.
K-2 - Dr. Seuss Music for Read Across America

Reminder Master Class schedule for band lessons begins on Day 6 ( 3/8/18)!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Rotation Beginning 2/14/18

4-6th - Carnaval, Music of Brazil, Samba
2nd - Playing Samba Rhythms, Carnaval, Review Tonal Patterns using S,L,M, and D
3rd - Recorder - Continue note B, Learning note A. All Classes should be looking at #2 - Just A to review what was learned in class along with #3 A and B blues
1st - Lullaby Unit Continued, Jeremiah Blow the Fire Percussion Composition, Bourdons w/ Boomsticks, Chase the Squirrel.
K - The Days of the Week, Queen Queen Caroline & Oliver Twist at varying tempi, " Go To Bed Tom" with ostinatos, creating ostinatos.

Band is on Thursday 2/15 during Recess. Please remember instruments and music for band rehearsal. Lesson competition for pick your seat during rehearsal begins 2/14.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

1/15 - 1/19

6th - Hemiola, West Side Story " America", Groups of 8ths in 2 vs 3
5th - Vocal Timbre
4th - Ghana Post Office Music
3rd - Continue with basic note reading and rhythm reading in preparation for recorders. Note reading quiz next cycle. Recorder papers due in a seal envelope with students name and homeroom teacher by Jan 26th.

2nd - Review Rhythms and Sol, La, Mi singing
1st - When the Saints, Boom stick accompaniments and ostinato
K - ABC Rock, ostinatos, practicing writing ABCS

Band is on Days 2 & 7. This week that is Tuesday 1/16

Students should bring instrument, band music, lesson book, and a pencil to lessons. Please continue to check the lesson schedule for remembering when your lesson is. If you need one come see me.

3rd Grade recorder papers are due by Jan 26th!!!!

Friday, November 17, 2017

11/16 - 11/28

4-6 : Finished music of Armed Services : Coast Guard, Air Force. Reviewed with Kahoot.
K-3 :  Concert Prep. No Packets for 2-3 in class. On karaoke. Continue to practice words at home with motions! Concert is December 9th.

BAND: Regular Lesson Schedule resumes MONDAY NOVEMBER 20th.  Lunch slips are due to me by NOVEMBER 22nd!

Dress Rehearsal for Concert Band : November 30th
Dress Rehearsal for Symphonic Band: December 1st

Concert is Saturday December 9th at 5pm. REPORT TIME is 4:20pm to the High School Band Room. Those 6th grade students in chorus will report once chorus is finished performing.